What is EMR? We are a small team dedicated to raising awareness about new music we love in all genres. Our name is a nod to Muzak (elevator music), as well as an acknowledgement of our ultimate goal: to elevate your music.

What makes us different? We are primarily a consulting business for musicians who are looking to polish their publicity materials and take the next steps in their career. Our consulting packages are put together based on what our individual clients actually need to raise their “band awareness.” (Yes, we work with individual artists also, but can’t resist a pun.)

Already working with a publicist? Several clients have used us in addition to more extensive PR services from another company, and several have used us without any additional PR services from another company. We’re cool with it either way.


Marketing and Press Materials Consultation package: We’ll edit and proofread existing text in your press materials, take a look at your social channels, and discuss your career trajectory, including what’s working and what isn’t. Consultations are with an expert writer/editor, and professional songwriter/musician/music producer–so you’re in good hands. Email elevatormusicreview@gmail.com for more information.

So, what are those reviews on our website? Send us an email and we’ll tell you all about it.