The New Mutiny delivers a solid single, “A Godless Promise Mechanism”

The New Mutiny is a Virginia-based rock band that has been making music together for nearly two years. Their first single from their new EP, “A Godless Promise Mechanism,” was released this summer; we loved it, and think you will too.

Initially you might think you’re listening to a metal band. You’d be partially right—in 2019 the band was awarded Veer Magazine‘s Best Metal Band of the Year. But The New Mutiny can’t be defined so easily. The most interesting aspect of “A Godless Promise Mechanism” is the melody, which sweeps through the heavier parts of the song without sounding like it’s simply layered on top of the instrumentals. It’s skillfully pieced together, and you can hear influences from several different styles and genres of music. The transitions throughout the song keep you guessing and keep you engaged, and you’ll somehow still be completely at attention after hitting “replay.”

Jason, the lead vocalist and one of the band’s guitarists, says, “We don’t intentionally set out to capture a specific sound. The most important aspect of any song we’ve written is the groove. If it don’t groove, it don’t move… If we’re not into it then how could we possibly expect anyone else to be?”

We think you’ll be into it. Highlights for us: around the one-minute mark and the three-minute mark. And everything in between. Check out “A Godless Promise Mechanism” on Spotify, follow The New Mutiny on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and get to know a bit more about the band below.

Q: Are there any instruments you don’t currently play that you’d like to learn?

A (Jason; vocalist, guitarist): I’ve actually started down the long road of learning to produce and picked up a sequencer and have my eye on a couple of other midi controllers, so right now I really wish I knew what all the knobs and buttons did and when it’s appropriate to twist them.

Q: If you could hire anyone you wanted to direct your next music video, who would it be?

A (Jeremy; guitarist): I’d love to hire Don Swanson from Spruce Films. Or George Romero.

A (Jason): Spike Jonze. I always loved watching his videos when I was a kid even if I didn’t get into the song or artist. 

Q: What do you want listeners to take away from this song after hearing it for the first time?

A (Jason): Common ground and solidarity. I actually wrote the lyrics after reflecting on a time about a decade ago when I was trying to combat some pretty serious depression with self-medication. It’s about a riot in my brain. Only after the murder of George Floyd and the beginning of the protests did the lyrics take on a more literal meaning. No matter what war you’re fighting, whether it be internal or a war against a flawed system, you have allies. Somewhere there is someone who will fight with you.

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