Leo Lacayo’s “Your Touch” is a guitar-lover’s dream

Leo Lacayo is a musician with many talents. He’s a pre-med student, singer, songwriter, and largely self-taught guitarist—the latter perhaps being the most surprising, given that the guitar is one of the driving forces behind Lacayo’s new song, “Your Touch.”

“I don’t have any formal training. When I was around seven years old I went to this dude who kind of just showed me that there were six strings on a guitar, [and told me] the names of the strings and that little arpeggio at the start of [Metallica’s] “Nothing Else Matters.” Then a few years later my dad bought me my first actual guitar; it was a purple acoustic Ibanez. My dad’s cousin, who used to be a priest and played guitar when he was younger, gave me a list of diagrams of the major, minors, and 7th chords. I learned them, and I’ve been pretty much just winging it from there.”

Winging it seems to work for Lacayo. From the first few seconds of the song, you know you’re in for something good. The track showcases Lacavo’s talent masterfully, and his love of music shows. “I’m a fan of funk, John Frusciante, Nile Rodgers, stuff like that. So I was just kind of going for like a cool rhythm guitar thing, I put some lyrics over it, and that’s pretty much the base of the song.”

While the guitar is the main draw of the song, Lacayo’s voice and the way he leans on the ends of certain lyrics adds an exotic quality that could make the song only his. While Lacayo is currently making music on the side, it seems that he’s already found the right sound. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for his second single, set to be released before the end of this year.

Check out “Your Touch” on Bandcamp, and follow Leo Lacayo on Instagram.

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