Melika’s “Alquimista” is a work of art

While listening to singer, songwriter, and producer Melika’s “Alquimista,” we’re not sure if we want to dance or chill—a paradox we’re happy to encounter. Melika’s background is what gives her music its distinctive sound. Growing up with a father from India and a mother from Ecuador, Melika’s style is a fusion of Bollywood, Bachata, and house music. With her velvety, hypnotic vocals layered on top, “Alquimista” is an audio treat.

The track was inspired by the famous Paulo Coelho book, The Alchemist. “I wrote a poem in Spanish, and then started putting some sounds together. I thought it would be interesting to make something that sounded like acid house music and combine it with a Reggaeton kind of percussion and then the song came to be…it really felt purely inspired by that book.”

Even more intriguing is the fact that Melika doesn’t have any formal music training—she is a self-taught artist, but clearly pulls from other art forms to express herself musically. In addition to being inspired by literature, Melika is a visual artist. “I can make music I love just by playing around in my DAW. I think I was always really interested in music even though I went on a visual arts path for a long time. I think through Fine Arts, I learned that I can express myself through any medium that attracts me if I just put my intention toward that. The computer is one of my favorite instruments, and I just try to remind myself to have fun whenever I am working on music.”

It’s inspiring to see how Melika’s cultural background—from her upbringing and her arts training—came together to produce “Alquimista.” It’s a track that we can listen to no matter what mood we’re in, and we’re anxiously awaiting her next release, “1010,” out on October 10.

Check out “Alquimista” on SoundCloud, and follow Melika on Instagram and Twitter.

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