Steven Kronick’s “Free to Love” might be just the song you need

The thing that first stands out about Steven Kronick’s song “Free to Love” is his voice. It is rich and unapologetic, and has an obviously fun quality to it, which in turn makes us have fun listening.

The levity in his voice is likely a product of the way his songs ultimately comes to fruition—almost all his music is recorded in the studio before it is written on paper. “I hear the music, start recording, and a song happens. Then it is written. The Bible tells us ‘God will give you the right words at the right time… don’t be anxious how or what you will say… instead, speak whatever you are given at that time, for it will not be you speaking, rather it will be the Holy Spirit.’”

“Free to Love” has a catchy pop-country sound, and the lyrics are equally upbeat. If you need a break from 2020’s cycle of bad news, this might be a song for you. “The song is the man telling the woman he loves that tonight she will realize that she loves him. I want people to feel that they don’t have to be scared of the love and romance that they feel, that they are free to love, that love is a gift from God.”

The message of the song matches perfectly with its delivery. After listening to “Free to Love,” there is no way that you won’t feel just a little bit lighter.

Check out “Free to Love” on YouTube, and follow Steven Kronick on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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