Noah Krussow’s “Rockstar” is intimate and expressive

Noah Krussow, 28, is a multi-talented musician who has been playing music for fifteen years. A guitarist, drummer, singer, and producer, Krussow aims to elicit an emotion from listeners.

His new single “Rockstar” does just that. An intimate and expressive track, “Rockstar” was originally written for Krussow’s mother, whom he says has always been extremely supportive of his music, encouraging him from a young age. “Rockstar” is a song about growing up, moving out, and pursuing a dream. While it’s never easy to leave the nest, we’re all lucky that Krussow had the gumption to set out to achieve his goals, and we believe him when he sings throughout the song, “someday, I’m gonna be a rockstar.”

What makes this such an intimate and emotional track is largely Krussow’s voice. In it, you can hear both determination and calm, as if he is actually singing directly to someone whom he needs to comfort as he says goodbye. These vocal qualities allow the listener to actually visualize the story that the song is trying to tell—no small feat. Apart from his, the song is indisputably catchy, and we have no doubt that the chorus will be in your heard for hours after hearing it just once.

Krussow is clearly a storyteller. Combining this gift with his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and producer, we’re looking forward to seeing the story of his musical career write itself.

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