Composer Julia Vasiliev’s “Field of Maple Petals” is mesmerizing

Julia Vasiliev’s new composition is the music you didn’t know you needed. A classically trained pianist since age six, Vasiliev studied music theory and applied composition at the University of Guelph, and her “Field of Maple Petals” is a testament to her years dedicated to perfecting her craft. The composition is a mix of ambient music, new age, and classical. It’s easy to listen to (over and over), and the most engaging elements of the piece are skillfully composed and timed such that their appearance doesn’t disrupt the unwrinkled, serene atmosphere. At once magnetic and calming, Vasiliev’s music is the perfect balance.

According to Vasiliev, “The song is a symbol of the soul drifting into the next chapter. The title represents the remnants and decay of life.” And this is, incredibly, exactly what you will hear when listening to “Field of Maple Petals.” Shades of melancholy and peace are expertly drawn with light piano, flute, and harp, underscored by weighty strings. The composition as a whole takes the listener through a lifetime of emotions, and invites the listener to reflect on deeper philosophical questions that tend to arise with nostalgia. In under three minutes, Vasiliev has demonstrated that she is not only a skilled composer and pianist, but a storyteller.

Next up for this talented artist: an album release on November 6. It will feature all piano-based work, reflecting on significant moments in Vasiliev’s life. If “Field of Maple Petals” is any indication of what’s to come, we bet that some of the most significant moments in Vasiliev’s musical life are not too far off.

To add to her already impressive skill set, Vasiliev has her sights set on learning to play the cello. We have our sights set on her learning to play the cello so we can be as mesmerized by her cello skills as we are by her piano skills. “All music I write is reflective of my emotions, experiences, and my way of processing and going through life,” she says. While the piano tends to have a bright sound, the cello would certainly provide a nice counterweight when Vasiliev composes more somber pieces. We will be following Vasiliev throughout her career, and we highly recommend that you do too.

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