Adele & Andy will take your breath away with “Took His Love Away”

The song opens with Andy playing the guitar and you’re already hooked. Then Adele starts to sing and you know you’ve stumbled upon something special.

Staffordshire-based modern country duo Adele & Andy just released their debut album Watch Over You in July, and they are about to release their poignant new track, “Took His Love Away,” on October 30. Inspired by the loss of their friend’s wife, the song aims to capture the sentiments experienced in the aftermath of death. Given how intimate and polished the track is, it’s an incredible feat given that Adele and Andy only started playing together less than two years ago.

Having suffered from anxiety all her life, Adele would only sing if Andy learned to play the guitar to give her the confidence to perform in front of people. Listening to Adele’s smooth, velvety vocals, you would never guess that there was anything but confidence behind the mic.

And Adele & Andy have every reason to be confident. Their latest single ‘”Say It Out Loud​” peaked at ​#27 on the UK Country iTunes Chart, and has had radio support in over 50 countries. Now, with “Took His Love Away,” the duo is set up for further success. If you can somehow resist being mesmerized by Andy’s beautiful guitar playing and Adele’s rich vocals (it took us at least three listens), you’ll be struck by the heavily personal, yet relatable lyrics.

“We want our listeners to understand that although many grieving individuals put on a brave face, it’s only when they return to their own home that they experience the difficulties associated with the loss of a loved one. For anybody who has suffered a loss, know that there are many other people experiencing the same emotions.”

Elements of comfort, nostalgia, sadness, and hope are expertly blended together to make “Took His Love Away” feel like home. It is subtly magnetic—and the duo is just getting started. “In the future, we are looking to write more about the world we live in.” Although we’ve been left completely breathless by this beautiful track, we’re still waiting with bated breath for more music from this wonderfully talented duo.

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