Kieran Lancini’s “I Need You” is emotional and raw

Kieran Lancini is no stranger to success. The UK-based country singer-songwriter from North Queensland, Australia was named Star Maker Winner at the 2002 Tamworth Country Music Festival, after which Lancini settled in the UK, putting a career in music to the side.

In 2019, Lancini returned to Australia for the Star Maker 40th Anniversary show—and the performer in him was once again awakened.

And that makes us lucky.

Lancini’s new single, “I Need You,” was co-written by Nashville songwriter Phil Barton, whose songwriting resume includes “A Woman Like You,” (Lee Brice’s #1 hit) “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” (Dustin Lynch), and “I Can’t Stop Loving You” (Sara Evans). Eighteen years after his last release, Lancini approached writing this new track with a very clear vision.

“I knew for the vocals that I wanted something quite warm and raw—something to draw the listener in. With regards to production I wanted to also be quite intimate and not overly produced—I wanted the guitar to be the third voice on the album after me and the backing vocalist.”

While the first three notes on the guitar tell the listener immediately that this is a country song at its heart, the song also incorporates elements of pop, which makes it quite an interesting ballad to listen to. It’s slow and easy, but is sung with such raw passion that the listener absolutely feels the “need” of the singer. It’s one thing to be able to connect with listeners because the instrumentals are top-notch and the lyrics are poetry; it’s another to be able to connect with listeners solely because of the emotion in a singer’s voice. Incredibly, Lancini has only had a few singing lessons in his life, which means his ability to deliver spellbinding vocals is innate.

We may have missed out on eighteen years of Lancini’s musical gift, but after hearing “I Need You,” we think it’s safe to say that Lancini’s star is poised to become very bright in no time at all.

“I Need You” is available to pre-save, and will be released on October 23 on all major digital platforms.

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