Charlotte Young has already hit #1, but she won’t stop there

Charlotte Young has already had a #1 single and a #1 EP. Her debut single “Whiplash” reached #1 in the UK Country iTunes Chart and the Euro Academy of Country Music Chart. Her accompanying debut EP “Blown Away” debuted at #1 in the UK Country iTunes Album Chart. But she’s not ready to sit back on her success just yet. Her new single, ‘Praying for Rain,’ is out November 20, and it’s powerful.

You might think that “Praying for Rain” is a melancholy track. Someone who prays for rain might be holding onto sadness, and wish for their surroundings to match their feelings. But Young takes a different approach: “Praying for rain” is a metaphor for things washing away and all your worries dissolving.” Indeed, the track is hopeful, and Young somehow created a world where listeners can actually hear that hope against a backdrop of difficult times. It’s easy to picture a scenario that would have inspired the song. This is the power of skillful songwriting.

The chorus is certainly the highlight of the track, painting an extraordinarily detailed picture of an entire relationship in just a few measures. The yearning to have worries and difficulties wash away is infinitely relatable, and it’s delivered in the most impressive of ways. With crisp, emotional guitar riffs and confident, smoky vocals, we wouldn’t be surprised to discover that “Praying for Rain” is another #1 track for Young. It is, through and through, a beautiful song.

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