Britta Pejic delivers a psychedelic wonder of a track

Britta Pejic’s music is a paradox. Her sound is completely unique and familiar at the same time, and we can’t get enough.

Pejic’s newly released track, “Sebago Lumbago,” is a throwback to the psychedelic 60s, but with a modern spin. While Pejic has had no formal music training, music is in her blood. Her grandfather was a jazz musician and an engineer, and her mother was a dancer. Growing up, Pejic explored the myriad exotic instruments that she found in her grandfather’s basement, which no doubt informed the development of her intriguing musical sound. She describes her new song as “sweet yet unsettling,” and we completely agree; indeed, that’s precisely what makes the song impossible to turn off. Pejic presents an auditory mystery with “Sebago Lumbago,” and it’s thoroughly magnetic.

The instrumentals give the track a dreamlike quality with unapologetic vocals. The song is urgent, energetic, and even a bit spooky, to a degree. It’s certainly not a song to listen to just once—you’ll feel like something was ripped away prematurely when it ends, and will keep playing it on repeat to try to figure out the enigmatic message hidden behind its juxtapositions.

“I think conflicting combinations intrigue listeners because they can’t be ignored. And they resurface at the end and escort the listener out. I’ve always loved songs that I never wanted to end. Very bittersweet. It’s that feeling of not wanting to be left behind, but sadly the song has to leave.”

We definitely feel like we’re chasing after the track when it ends. It’s a musical whirlwind, and we want to be smack in the center of it.

Check out Britta Pejic on Instagram and Facebook, and listen to “Sebago Lumbago” on Spotify.

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