Unsigned artists collaborate to raise money for MIND mental health charity

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Some individuals have suffered even more deeply than is even fathomable. This is why Scarlet River and Country Chat with Dom have partnered with eight unsigned artists from across the world to record a collaborative single, “I Won’t Forget to Miss You.” All money from fundraising and pre-orders starting Friday, November 13 will go directly to MIND mental health charity. With the holidays coming up and the pandemic still wreaking havoc, this is certainly a worthy cause.

Songwriter Tyler Spicer explains, “’I Won’t Forget to Miss You’ encapsulates the global and universal sentiments that we’ve all felt during this pandemic: those of missing family, those of separation from loved ones, and those of trying to find a sense of normality in the face of mass change. I hope this single can bring together our collective experience for both positive, active change, and to heal and unify us all, wherever we are, no matter how far apart…”

The incredible individuals who have devoted time and energy to this project are: Emma Moore, Kyle Elliott, Brittany McLamb, Emilia Quinn, Charlotte Young, Georgia Nevada, Daniel Borge, Bob Fitzgerald, Tyler Spicer, Dom Crooke & Rachel Sellick.

PRE-SAVE to support.

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