We need a party song in 2020, and Hicktown Breakout is the one to give it to us

We’ve all had the experience—you’re out somewhere and music starts playing. Almost instantly, after just a few bars (and maybe a few beers), the room goes wild. Everyone knows what song is about to play, and it’s everyone’s “jam.”

It would be unsurprising if this turned out to be the fate of Hicktown Breakout’s upcoming release, “Get Your Boots On.” After just a few seconds, we’re hooked, and the next time we hear the song’s intro we’ll be jumping up to turn our living rooms into dance floors.

Hicktown Breakout is a Bristol-based, five-piece band that has been nominated as UK Country Group of the Year 2020. The band’s self-titled debut EP reached #36 in the all-genre UK Album Chart, leading Hicktown Breakout to appear on BBC Radio and BBC Live Lounge, as well as on radio stations across Australia, Europe, and the USA. And it’s no wonder—people everywhere are still struggling with everything that 2020 has delivered, and we all need something a little more upbeat to close out the year.

“It’s been a very challenging year for everyone across the globe. We wanted people to listen to Get Your Boots On and try and forget about the negativity out there and give listeners a sense of fun and positive feeling that the good times are ahead.”

Indeed, “fun” is exactly what this song embodies. There is no way that you can listen to “Get Your Boots On” and not have a good time. What makes this anthem particularly engaging is the seamless blend of country and rock, and the boundary-pushing, exciting sound may be a result of the musical background of the individual bandmembers.

“We’ve got a real mix of talent in the band. Some members have had some formal training and others completely self-taught. This is what makes Hicktown Breakout a great place to create music, we have absolutely no rules to adhere to…”

“Get Your Boots On” will be available on December 7—and this masterful jam is just an appetizer for what’s to come on the band’s January 2021 EP.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Hicktown Breakout’s 2021 UK tour as well. We can only imagine how good Hicktown Breakout would be playing “Get Your Boots On” live. It’s a song meant for a party, and it seems like this band can really deliver. “[W]e can create a very big live sound. Our lead singer knows how to control the stage and get the audience engaged…all the band members are driven by live gigging and the elation of seeing fans jumping, dancing, and singing your songs back to you—there’s nothing else like it!”

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