Hicktown Breakout found their sound with “Lost Myself”

UK-based country-rock band Hicktown Breakout is no stranger to success. The band was nominated for UK Country Group of the Year 2020, and their self-titled debut EP reached #36 in the all-genre UK Album Chart. Their single, “Get Your Boots On” (which we loved and reviewed here), has already gained 10,000 streams on Spotify. These guys know how to deliver good music.

We had an opportunity to listen to the rest of their upcoming EP, and were far from disappointed.

The title track of their EP, “Lost Myself,” is about a man re-evaluating his life after a major breakup. If you just read the lyrics, you might expect a soft, slow ballad—and the song might get lost in a sea of other sad breakup ballads. But Hicktown Breakout takes a different approach, and it proves why they are worthy of their early success.

The instrumentals are fun and upbeat, which makes this particular breakup song more than just “a good song”—it shines a light on the positive side of moving on from a bad relationship. “We want to show the band’s ‘fun and serious’ side with this EP, bringing together a mix of beer-fueled floor fillers and thought-provoking ballads.”

Amazingly, “Lost Myself” achieves that goal in a single, four-minute track. This is the kind of deliberate songwriting that takes bands to the next level. The song establishes what it is from the very beginning, and expertly carries the listener to the end after cresting in instrumental, beer-hall danceability roughly halfway through. We can’t wait to hear what these guys sound like live.

This is the right way to start 2021, and we’re psyched to hear more from this talented five-piece band.

Hicktown Breakout’s new EP is out January 15, and is available for pre-order now. Follow them on FacebookInstagram, and visit their website for confirmed gigs.

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