Country duo Adele & Andy take storytelling to another level

You’re ten seconds in, and you’ve been completely transported.

This is what “Misty Eyes,” the new single from award-winning country duo Adele & Andy, will do. It sets out to tell a story, and winds up doing much more.

At its core, “Misty Eyes” is about a young girl trading her ideas about fairy-tale romances for acceptance after a string of bad relationships. As the lyrics written by this duo are generally based on personal experience, we’re not surprised by the high-emotion performances captured on this track.

When listening to “Misty Eyes,” you might feel as though you’ve been absorbed into a fully formed world, complete with its own time and atmosphere. Andy’s skillful guitar playing sets the scene from the outset, even before Adele’s strong yet dulcet vocals take the stage. The composition itself is impressive enough, but the performances of Andy and Adele take the song to the next level.

It is a departure from their previous releases “Say It Out Loud” and “Took His Love Away” (which we reviewed here) in that “Misty Eyes” blends the traditional ballad style with a country-rock sound. The synergy between the lyrics, melody, and vocals renders this new sound one that we can’t get enough of.

We’re big fans of Adele & Andy, and have been listening to their tracks on repeat. This duo truly stands out. Keep an eye on them—they’re set to shape the next wave of country-rock.

“Misty Eyes” is out January 22. Pre-order via the iTunes Store and pre-save on Spotify, and connect with Adele & Andy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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