Rising stars in the UK: Princes to Kings

The UK-based band Princes to Kings is made up of three brothers from Hertfordshire, just outside London, who started the band to raise awareness for epilepsy, as their eldest brother Luke suffers from a severe condition and lives in care. Princes to Kings regularly puts on shows to raise money for epilepsy research and support. What’s more, their logo is purple, inspired by the national epilepsy awareness day, “Purple Day.” The brothers are just as committed to raising awareness as they are to making music. These boys are solid role models with talent, drive, and a penchant for doing good for the community. Read more about them in the new issue of Alke Magazine and follow P2K to keep up with these incredible brothers! A portion of proceeds from sales of Issue 1 of Alke Magazine will benefit Epilepsy Society, the UK’s leading charity for epilepsy research and support.

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