The New Mutiny kills it with “Narcissist”

We’ve raved about The New Mutiny before. Their recent tracks “A Godless Promise Mechanism” and “Echo of You” were brilliant, and we became instant fans. The bar was set high. Now the Virginia-based rock band is back with a brand new track, “Narcissist,” and it exceeds our already high expectations. The inspiration for the trackContinue reading “The New Mutiny kills it with “Narcissist””

Kieran Lancini’s “I Need You” is emotional and raw

Kieran Lancini is no stranger to success. The UK-based country singer-songwriter from North Queensland, Australia was named Star Maker Winner at the 2002 Tamworth Country Music Festival, after which Lancini settled in the UK, putting a career in music to the side. In 2019, Lancini returned to Australia for the Star Maker 40th Anniversary show—andContinue reading “Kieran Lancini’s “I Need You” is emotional and raw”

Adele & Andy will take your breath away with “Took His Love Away”

The song opens with Andy playing the guitar and you’re already hooked. Then Adele starts to sing and you know you’ve stumbled upon something special. Staffordshire-based modern country duo Adele & Andy just released their debut album Watch Over You in July, and they are about to release their poignant new track, “Took His LoveContinue reading “Adele & Andy will take your breath away with “Took His Love Away””

Southern Gothic’s “Past Midnight” is a genre-bending delight

Country music has always had a distinct sound, and country artists arguably have the most success when that distinct sound is unblurred. Hailing from Nashville, Southern Gothic is different. A country band at its core, Southern Gothic has taken a telltale sound and expertly blended it with rock and pop in the upcoming track “PastContinue reading “Southern Gothic’s “Past Midnight” is a genre-bending delight”

Composer Julia Vasiliev’s “Field of Maple Petals” is mesmerizing

Julia Vasiliev’s new composition is the music you didn’t know you needed. A classically trained pianist since age six, Vasiliev studied music theory and applied composition at the University of Guelph, and her “Field of Maple Petals” is a testament to her years dedicated to perfecting her craft. The composition is a mix of ambientContinue reading “Composer Julia Vasiliev’s “Field of Maple Petals” is mesmerizing”

Noah Krussow’s “Rockstar” is intimate and expressive

Noah Krussow, 28, is a multi-talented musician who has been playing music for fifteen years. A guitarist, drummer, singer, and producer, Krussow aims to elicit an emotion from listeners. His new single “Rockstar” does just that. An intimate and expressive track, “Rockstar” was originally written for Krussow’s mother, whom he says has always been extremelyContinue reading “Noah Krussow’s “Rockstar” is intimate and expressive”

Kellindo is about to be a household name

You know Janelle Monáe. You know James Brown. You are going to know Kellindo. The nephew of Maceo and Melvin Parker—band members for James Brown—Kellindo has music in his blood. Since picking up his first guitar at age eight, Kellindo has performed with Prince, Stevie Wonder, and has been a longtime collaborator of Janelle Monáe,Continue reading “Kellindo is about to be a household name”

Leo Lacayo’s “Your Touch” is a guitar-lover’s dream

Leo Lacayo is a musician with many talents. He’s a pre-med student, singer, songwriter, and largely self-taught guitarist—the latter perhaps being the most surprising, given that the guitar is one of the driving forces behind Lacayo’s new song, “Your Touch.” “I don’t have any formal training. When I was around seven years old I wentContinue reading “Leo Lacayo’s “Your Touch” is a guitar-lover’s dream”

Steven Kronick’s “Free to Love” might be just the song you need

The thing that first stands out about Steven Kronick’s song “Free to Love” is his voice. It is rich and unapologetic, and has an obviously fun quality to it, which in turn makes us have fun listening. The levity in his voice is likely a product of the way his songs ultimately comes to fruition—almostContinue reading “Steven Kronick’s “Free to Love” might be just the song you need”

Melika’s “Alquimista” is a work of art

While listening to singer, songwriter, and producer Melika’s “Alquimista,” we’re not sure if we want to dance or chill—a paradox we’re happy to encounter. Melika’s background is what gives her music its distinctive sound. Growing up with a father from India and a mother from Ecuador, Melika’s style is a fusion of Bollywood, Bachata, andContinue reading “Melika’s “Alquimista” is a work of art”